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Gayborhood News: Rainbow Crosswalks

As reported by PGN: The gayborhood is expected to get rainbow crosswalks soon. Several cities in Canada have them already. It’s not a bad idea and will bring some color and maybe more than a few smiles to the gayborhood.

Considering how neighborhoods often change, painted crosswalks is a good idea. They’re less permanent. You can take the rainbows to whatever neighborhood we happen to choose next. The gayborhood wasn’t always where it is now. It used to be west of Broad — the only vestige of those days is Stir Lounge.

Marco would certainly like it. It’ll add some color when he chases down a miscreant through the streets of the gayborhood.


Maybe they’ll look like this:



Or we may get something brighter and livelier. In any case, should we pick ourselves up and move to some other part of the city (don’t laugh — look at Montreal, they did it beautifully), but should we make a new gayborhood somewhere, we can take the crosswalks with us.

Chicago made the mistake of installing more or less permanent pylons in what is now Boystown. Apart from the obvious jokes one can make about them, they’re a llittle klunky and if the Boys ever decide to leave Boystown for another locale, these pylons won’t be easy to move.



So, here’s to something that looks good and makes us look good.

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