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Marco and Mojitos

Marco Fontana loves a good mojito. The first drink he orders in a new establishment is a mojito, so that he can judge two things — whether or not a bar even offers the drink and how good the bartenders are at mixing one up for him. Lots of times he’s disappointed — the drink is too diluted to be good, or there’s jot enough sugar or maybe too much. The quality of the lime has to be just right and the kind of mint (or it’s close relative yerba buena) must be better than good. If he gets an actual stick of sugar cane to stir this drink, he’s happy.

In his current outing, Death on Delancey, Marco has the opportunity to test mojitos at The Waverly, the newest bar in Philly’s gayborhood. And, he’s pleasantly surprised. He’s also kind of happy about the bartender who muddles the nearly perfect drink for him.

Just how and when Marco’s taste for the minty summery mix got started is something he hasn’t yet divulged. Suffice to say, though, that it’s his favorite. Especially when he’s working on a case. Fontana’s not a booze hound like some P.I.s. You won’t catch him hiding a stash of rum in his desk.

He like the tropical memories a mojito brings with it. The lush humid warmth, the sun on his face, the gentle breezes. Lazing by the pool, watching guys trot around the edge or take a naked swim. Dozing in the sun. It’s all packed into a mojito — the sweet simple syrup and the gentle sourness of lime, the minty freshness and the bubbly club soda. Even the appearance says “relaxation.”

For him it’s a mini summer interlude in the middle of a case. Or a tropical reward when a case is solved.

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